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Ambivalence of heart
Ambivalence of heart
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19.03.2018, 05:34


All the cool stuff i get from others. I appreciate every single pic i get since a story is usually attached to it. <3 (Hits: 32767)
Psydrache (Sonja R.) Psydrache (Sonja R.) (24)
Most of the fanart i get is from the person closest to me - many of these pics are insiders, especially the comics. But they still are understandable and readworthy. :3
Drashy Drashy (4)
Good vibrations from Berlin! Also a very close personal friend and quite original artist, usually more sketchy work but with all the more "spririt" in it.
Bladewing (Adley T.) Bladewing (Adley T.) (3)
Art i got from Adley from Canada - Very skilled guy regarding animation and digital colouring and also with a very unique style.
Thundermaster (Janine B.) Thundermaster (Janine B.) (4)
Illustration at it's best. Janine has a unique style that combines high precision artwork with speed AND quality. Don't miss that one out during your stay and also visit her gallery at:
Starfyre (Allan C.) Starfyre (Allan C.) (4)
Half American, half German, completely stylish! Thats the best way to descripe his artwork. He has a quite unique vector-like and cute style to draw various creatures.


Razerz Razerz (5)
Razerz is a pretty emotional person - and that's also a interesting quality in her art. Probably one of the most interesting styles i saw so far - due to its softness and Emo parts.
Wertle Wertle (2)
Wertle aka Lisa B. - Got known to her in an IRC channel based on the pretty well known but now exctinct Webcomic "Dragon Tails". Since then i constantly enjoy chatting with her now and then and we keep in touch by sending the occasional small art or music CD to each other.
Neogeen Neogeen (3)
Half Korean - Half American. Same as her heritage, her art is really best to be described as "AWESOME" and versatile! I totally love talking, working and generally having fun with her. Definately one person that is far more than just the sum of her art. <3!
Other people Other people (21)
Since 1 category for one pic wouldn't make sense. ;3

Important note: This DOESN'T mean that i'm rating people this way. I love, worship and appreciate EVERY single picture in this gallery. I just want to maintain transparency within this gallery so i dont want to burden visitors with 1 subcategory for one picture.

Much love to all the persons who drew pic(s) for me. :D

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Fen und Psy by Sarina (Cibex)
Fen und Psy by Sarina (Cibex) (Feanarth)
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Don't get cuaght under the mistletoe
Don't get cuaght under the mistletoe (Feanarth)
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