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True love!
True love!
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20.02.2018, 02:36

.: Dragonized Gallery :.

Sketches Sketches (6)
Pencil work - usually unrefined or unfinished
Color Color (37)
Coloured artwork - Usually done with Photoshop or real media.
Animated Animated (17)
Animated grafics like webbanners and icons
Photos Photos (36)
Photography - usually not altered very much
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous (16)
Mixed stuff that doesn't fit into other categories
Usersubmissions / Funstuff Usersubmissions / Funstuff (11)
Everything YOU wanna upload goes in here. Note that it is moderated and won't show up unless an admin has confirmed it.
Fanart Fanart (72)
All the cool stuff i get from others. I appreciate every single pic i get since a story is usually attached to it. <3
Psydrache (Sonja R.), Drashy, Bladewing (Adley T.) ...

195 Bilder in 17 Kategorien.

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Fen by DaeThalin
Fen by DaeThalin (Feanarth)
Other people
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Angry Fen by Magnus
Angry Fen by Magnus (Feanarth)
Other people
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Africa Route
Africa Route (Feanarth)
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